WebCE, the nation's leading provider of continuing education for insurance agents, is powered by The Wilbanks Company's enSyt web application platform. Using enSyt, WebCE is able to deliver almost one million online courses a year to half a million insurance agents across the United States and Canada.

In its thirteen years of involvement with WebCE, The Wilbanks Company has been key to WebCE’s technological success.
— Gary Henkel, WebCE CEO

William R. Paschal & Sons

In business since 1964, William R. Paschal & Sons Fine Woodworking of San Angelo brings the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship to customers in West Texas ... and beyond. 

South Dallas Concert Choir

The South Dallas Concert Choir performs a diverse repertoire of classical music, show tunes, contemporary gospel, and Negro Spirituals.

Dallas Metroplex Musicians Association

The Dallas Metroplex Musicians Association, an affiliate of the historic National Association of Negro Musicians, promotes the profession of music among local African American musicians, works to preserve the legacy of distinctively African American music such as the Negro Spiritual, and nurtures musical talent by awarding annual scholarships.